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  • The Ring that Caesar Wore
  • Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley, Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
  • Page: 264
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  • ISBN: 9781958798287
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Leonidas is coerced into a dice game with a stranger at his local popina–who turns out to not be such a stranger after all. His presence puts all around him in danger, and Leonidas struggles to keep the man's identity secret. Leonidas has no wish to be caught up in this trouble–he's about to begin working as a builder, his ticket out of his life as a gladiator and bodyguard. But the next morning at the building site, Leonidas almost immediately stumbles across a valuable ring buried in the mud, a ring that has the potential to change the destiny of Rome. Nero commands Leonidas and Cassia to uncover everything about this ring, including who owned it and how it had come to be where it was found. They are not allowed to fail. The ring proves to be only the tip of the troubles Leonidas uncovers, with connections from the Emporium to the Esquiline, and danger that visits Leonidas and Cassia very close to home.

Julius Caesar: With Its Historical and Literary Background
William Shakespeare · 1911Marcus , like other Roman men and boys , wore only one piece of jewelry - a signet ring . But his mother and sisters wore rings , brooches , pins 
The Romances of Alexandre Dumas: D'Artagnan Edition
Alexandre Dumas · 1894Then there was the ring with the lion's head , which Caesar wore when he meant to give certain squeezes of the hand . The lion bit the hand thus favored 
Lutheran Companion - Volume 18 - Page 7 - Google Books Result
1910 · ‎Lutheran ChurchSignet rings and rings for orna- ments were worn by all classes of the The ring of Caesar Borgia had a slide within which he is said to have car- ried 
Masculinity, Appearance, and Sexuality: Dandies in Roman
Tunics with long sleeves (such as those Caesar wore in his youth also considered effeminate.68 Ciccro described some of the rebel Cati.
The Ring that Caesar Wore - Google Books Result
Ashley Gardner, ‎Jennifer Ashley · 2023 · ‎FictionNew York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Ashley writing as ASHLEY GARDNER THE RING THAT LEONIDAS THE GLADIATOR CAESAR WORE MYSTERIES ALL Leonidas and 
Coming Soon - Historical / Mystery: Books -
The Ring that Caesar Wore (Leonidas the Gladiator Mysteries Book 3). by Ashley Gardner. Kindle. $4.99$4.99. This title will be released on March 21, 2023.
Did Julius Caesar wear purple? - Quora
3 answers
The Delphian Course: A Systematic Plan of Education,
Delphian society, ‎J. K. Brennan · 1922 · ‎CivilizationAside from his signet ring , jewelry was not worn by citizens of good taste . Caesar is said to have paid nearly $ 300,000 for a pearl , and the wife of 
The Chase Chronicle - Volumes 15-37 - Page 40 - Google Books Result
1925Heroditus tells us the Babylonians wore signet rings , and the earliest rings that the infamous Caesar Borgia wore a ring composed of two lion's heads 
Caesar Stack Ring - Oradina
A triple braid of solid gold, our Caesar Stack Ring is your new stacking companion. Inspired by the golden wreath worn by Julius Caesar, wear alone or stack 

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